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The Horn Family
Four Generations


Our mission is to assist in meeting the unique needs
of the elderly, which may include: health issues,
residence issues, end of life matters, family dynamics,
and other special needs.

Seniors and their families often need specific assistance in unfamiliar areas. They may need advice on relocation, on finding important papers and documents, on organizing and liminating years of accumulation of family treasures and white elephants, and many other problems.

Family members may not be able to help because of a long distance situation or because they are not comfortable in working with their parents in this capacity.

While The Organized Estate does not offer the following services, we recognize that avigating the various agencies and locating the funding available can be daunting. Families ay need assistance in planning the future for their loved ones.

Millie can be your guide through the maze of options and decisions during some of these complex times.
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Millie Hinkle

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