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Personal Papers & Records

papersjoycestone3.jpgWhat Records??

If your paperwork seems overwhelming and frustrating, you may need assistance to tackle the job.
As a Professional Organizer, I would begin by sorting the stacks, boxes and drawers of papers you own.
I would then set up a personal style of organization for you.     
The object would be to establish the files in a way that is simple to put papers into the files, and simple to retrieve the needed papers quickly.

This is a reasonable and easily reached goal. And you will be delighted with the result!

Here is a beginning list of some records we need to keep:

Ownership papers (home, auto, property), investments, securities,
notes receivable, cash value life insurance policies, personal
property owned such as antiques, computers, sound systems,
collectables etc., mortuary and cemetery arrangements, time share
and vacation ownership.

Will or trust, Powers of attorney, Advanced Health directive, birth
certificate, military record, passport, marriage license, Divorce
decree, CPA or accountant, legal advisor, financial advisor

Medical Information
Health plans, long-term care policy, providers, Records of medications

Insurance coverage
Health, auto, property

Banking checking, savings, credit union, CD’s, IRA,s, safe deposit box, retirement plans

All resources, wages, etc.

Credit and Loans

Federal, State, local

Repairs, utilities, mortgage, taxes, Insurance, storage unit information

Prescriptions, vision, dental, Medical

Most people realized that there may never be a paperless society. We all have papers that need to be kept for various important reasons. It is no longer good enough to say, "Oh yes, I have that...somewhere in those boxes." If we cannot put our hands on our important papers right away, we are not being organized. In fact, we are causing ourselves distress and wasted time. There are many ways to organize papers, and each of us can find our own best system. But why re-invent the wheel? There are books, online help, and professional organizers who can recommend the best system for your home and office.

Let me develop a plan that works for you.
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