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End of Life Issues



If  you are like most of us , you want to avoid thinking about matters that concern the end of  life.  Our work and family life keeps us pretty busy, and there are so many other things to distract us from issues we are trying to avoid, anyway.

I would encourage you to set aside some time and think about how you would envision a sudden loss occurring in your family.  This may be the time to set in place a support system of family, friends and professionals who will be there for you when the inevitable loss occurs.

Funeral Arrangements and Prearrangements

The truth is, that the better prepared we are, the stronger we are to face the inevitable time of loss.  Simply by making some decisions while we are free from stress improves our exiting quality of life.  Advanced health directives, wills or trusts, and powers of attorney are documents that cause us to ask and answer the questions needed that allow us to put them to rest with the assurance that our wishes will be honored when we are no longer able to tell people what we want.

Funeral arrangements can be preplanned.  Mortuarys are prepared to discuss their services.  But traditional services are only one way to inter the body.  Green burials are now becoming a  movement for an environmental friendly burial.  Green burials are hand-dug graves in a natural wooded area.  These parks are spiritually uplifting and often less costly than the conventional way of laying people to rest.  Of course, cremations are still becoming increasingly a popular choice.

The longer we wait to make these decisions, the more distressing it becomes to the whole family.  Prearrangements are a fine gift to our families.

Grief Support

When we lose a loved one, the grief process is physical and emotional.  We are often left feeling isolated from those around us.  Yet it is this very time we need the support of others.  It may be difficult, but the effort to allow others into our grief is part of the healing process.
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