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Preparing Houses For Sale

There are two areas where I can assist the homeowner and Realtor in moving houses for sale.

For the Homeowner, I can begin to sort the goods to be moved from the furniture and accessories that will stay to make the house more attractive to potential buyers.  Removing as many extra items from the house will allow the size of the home to show its best.  Buyers will be able to visualize their own furnishings in the existing space.  This is vital for a successful show of the house.

For the Realtor, I can assist in difficult properties.  Long-term clutter is a real turn-off for the buyer looking for a reason to make a bid.  I can arrange for clutter removal, painting in strategic areas for attractiveness, and helping to improve curb appeal.

 loisgaragebefore.jpg losigarageafter.jpg
 Garage Before Cleanup
Garage After Cleanup






Problem Yards




Downsize Homes

Clutter and possessions tend to take over our homes after a period of years, if not checked along the way.  People who have lived in their houses twenty years or more may find themselves not realizing just what stuff they have, or where all their stuff is.

By dealing with possessions now, not later, allows the house to be always ready in case of a decision to sell or move.  It can be such a relief to lighten the load.  It makes life easier by knowing where our valuables are and getting rid of things we no longer need.  There is a great deal of satisfaction in moving that extra appliance on to someone who is in need of one.  Let me develop a plan that works for you.

I can also assist families who are left with an estate to deal with after a death in the family.  During these trying times, my personal service paves the way for an easier transition.  The confidence in having a trusted person on your team is invaluable.

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