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Residential Organizing




Millie can help you create a unique space in which you can live an orderly and expressive lifestyle. Closets can be reworked so that extra items will have a specific place when not in use. Tidying up will be so much easier when your clutter is re-thought as to its usefullness. Why wait any longer? Make your home the place you had intended in the first place. Let Millie develop a plan that works for you.

A Place of Her Own



This was a small storage room. It had a cramped feeling to it.



We created a computer room using the client's own furniture from other parts of the house.  This is a welcoming space because of its simplicity.


40 Years of Accumulation 

My 80 year old client was saddled with clutter, not all of her choosing.  Her deceased husband had been a collector and her three sons had used her property to store their things (many automobiles, firearms, antiques).  She wanted a new life on the East Coast, in the neighborhood of her granddaughters.  She couldn't sell the house until we dealt with all this stuff.
These photos were shot just after the sorting process. It was a great pantry room, however, it had turned into a catch-all room with everything from auto parts to clothing.


My client was so relieved to be rid of all this clutter. She now lives in a new cottage in Georgia, and sees her granddaughters whenever she wants.


Dirty Laundry

The garage laundry room can become a dismal place. It's hard enough to keep up with the clothes without having to face this!
A little paint, a picture on the wall, carpet remanents, plus a nice light fixture, to replace the naked bulb, elevated this space from Dungeon to Utility Room.

Home Offices




This creative soul had too much going on in her office. Sorting was the first order of business here.




Visualizing the end result is vital to planning. The colorful baskets naturally sorted the projects into manageable units. The existing bookcase was perfect for the handy, inexpensive baskets.

Business is Booming But So Is The Paperwork!

When all surfaces are piled high with material, it is difficult to be clear-headed and focused. This growing company, that is run from the home, can do much better. We established filing systems and removed many non-buisness items from the room.

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